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Protect Your Most Important Assets

Moosomin-RCS Energy Services maintains a team of highly qualified professionals for all your safety requirements, and we can provide you staff with NCSO, CRSP, COR, and Enform certifications. Applying quality control measures can significantly reduce the occurrence of workplace incidents and accidents. Achieving your goals with the highest level of safety is one of our core responsibilities, and our professional team streamlines this process to create an efficient and safe workplace.


Safety services in your office environment:

  • SAFETYmanager is a proprietary software that manages databases, complete field safety, investigation, personnel, and audit forms from the office  certifications, tickets, licenses, drug testing, office and field personnel, all relevant forms.
  • Health and safety program development
  • Program implementation and maintenance specific to you company’s needs or accreditations, such as COR (Certificate of Recognition)
  • COR certified internal and external auditors
  • Preparation for industry or COR certified health and safety audits 
  • ISN & Avetta monitoring & reporting
  • Mobile training services and online safety training courses 
  • On-site training center in Calgary
  • Emergency response planning and testing
  • Digitized safety forms – along with comprehensive data management of all forms


Safety services on-site and in the field:

  • Comprehensive health and safety program monitoring, managing both on-site auditing and reporting
  • Field COR audits & reporting 
  • Contractor personnel & equipment evaluations and pre-project audits
  • An entire team of on-site safety personnel to supply complete field project safety and management
  • Supplemental on-site safety personnel and management to augment your existing team
  • Security personnel for construction, oil and gas, mining and hydroelectric projects
  • Safety equipment rentals 
  • Mobile extensions and additions to SAFETYmanager, our proprietary software as part of our comprehensive data management capabilities – digitized safety forms for tablets, computers, and all mobile devices


 Our safety management team is housed under Integrated Safety Management Services.