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Environmental Security at Every Step

Moosomin-RCS Energy Services employs a staff with diverse environmental experience to ensure your projects conform to all regulatory requirements. Our primary goal is that your projects are conducted safely, within budget, while adhering to strict regulatory controls.

Engage us at the beginning of a project to identify environmental hazards early in the planning process, so we can develop a global environmental strategy.

When a project is already in process, Moosomin-RCS is available to step in, assess any existing hazards, and implement short-term solutions and long-term planning.

We also help companies with pre-land acquisition, well before a project is established. Moosomin-RCS develops inventory modeling and maps out a course for their entire project.


Environmental services:

  • Pre-application scouting and access management to ensure the most cost effective solutions possible, diminishing environmental impact
  • LANDmanager: Moosomin-RCS’s proprietary software for Land Management Design
  • Utilization of proprietary software and digital mapping systems for Land inventory monitoring reclamation management
  • Long-term reclamation planning
  • Pre-reclamation phase 1-3 assessments, leases, pads, roads, sumps, mines, water ways, buildings, and facilities 
  • Reclamation field execution, including the completion of any type of site, facility, leases, roads, pits, sumps
  • Sump searches and pre-application testing
  • Environmental impact assessments, both pre- and post-project 
  • Waste and water management
  • Water tracking and usage

Our Environmental team is housed under Boreal Land Services.