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Moosomin-RCS Energy Services

Moosomin-RCS Energy Services is an industry leader in Integrated Project Management, engineering and other related field services, offering comprehensive services and support to civil, mining, oil and gas, and other industries around the world.

We help companies apply new technologies for creative problem solving and efficient project management while overseeing regulatory compliance and health and safety while minimizing impact on the environment

The principals in Moosomin-RCS Energy Services bring over 100 years of combined experience in oil and gas, mining, water, and civil industries. We have completed projects around the world, safely, within budget, and while adhering to all appropriate regulations, because Moosomin-RCS has the experience to work successfully in diverse environmental, cultural, and geo-political conditions.

Because of our broad industry knowledge and experience harnessed in a nimble organization, we are flexible enough to move quickly into any situation, whether it is in Canada or across the world.

At the same time, we have a broad network of experts with extensive multidisciplinary experience in resource development, project management, engineering solutions, administration, regulation and environmental preservation. These relationships allow us to deploy an agile infrastructure of proprietary software systems, unique engineering designs, and construction and safety personnel to get the job done within the timeline and budget that you need.