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Ground Freezing

Moosomin-RCS Energy Services and its partners offer ground freezing services for a broad range of industries.  Ground freezing (also known as soil freezing) is a comprehensive alternative to other shoring methods and is especially applicable for projects involving soil nailing, soldier piles and lagging, sheet piles, caissons, slurry walls, or secant piles.  Many of these methods are not feasible or can have marginal success in difficult soil conditions but ground freezing can handle the most difficult soil conditions with great results.



Ground Freezing Applications

•  Foundation shoring

•  Shaft shoring

•  Utility shoring

•  Underpinning

•  Cofferdams

•  Groundwater cut-off

•  Slope stabilization

•  Zone freezing

•  Containment of contaminated soil and groundwater

•  Soil remediation



Benefits of Ground Freezing                                                                                                                    

•  Engineered structure

•  Cost efficient

•  Eliminate dewatering

•  Effective in all soil types

•  Shoring completely formed before excavation begins

•  Flexible and adaptable

•  Friendly to the community and environment

•  “Green” technology naturally minimizes energy and environmental impacts


Utilizing advanced technology, we are committed to providing tailored systems that are mobile, reusable, and expandable to address the needs of small to large projects in urban and rural locations.